Web Resources
For more information about opportunities for small businesses, see the following links to non-Nuclear Recruiters, Inc. servers and Web sites:

Defense Acquisition – Guidebook

DOE OECM – EVMS – Guidance Manual

Acquisition Information Network – AcqNet

Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy – Contract Pricing

DOE Orders – Relevant 400 Series

DOE Home Page – DOE

DCAA Home Page – DCAA

Earned Value Management System Tutorials- EVMS Tutorials

Historical Earned Value – Historical EVMS

Earned Value Management – EVM System Overview

Department of Energy – Earned Value Management Information Center

Unallowable Costs – CAS 405 Extract

Continental US Per Diems – CONUS Per Diem Rates

General Services Administration – GSA Forms Library

Work Breakdown Structures – MIL HDBK – 881

AT&L Knowledge Sharing System – Acquisition Knowledge Sharing System

Government Executive Magazine – GovExec

DEAR Part 970 – M&O Contracting

DOE Part 933 – Protests, Disputes, & Appeals

ABA Manual – Contract Disputes

US Government Contract- Pricing Guides

Independent Assessments of DOE Project Management