The Nuclear Recruiters Process

Your Guarantee for Staffing Success
There is a method of excellence we adhere to that truly defines and sets our business apart as a superior employment firm. Whether you’re looking for a full-time professional, an expert temporary or a senior consultant, our Nuclear Recruiters Process guarantees you get the most qualified person for the job.


Our process begins by visiting your business so we’re able to learn about your organization and its culture. We then sit down with you to discuss the specific position requirements and gain an exact job description. Together we develop a recruiting plan that will help determine compensation and an appropriate interview process and schedule.

Candidate Recruitment & Identification

Once the job description is determined, the expert recruiters at Nuclear Recruiters, Inc. search our comprehensive database of more than 20,000 active applicants. At the same time, we distribute your employee request to a broader pool of web-based searches, job board web postings, classified advertisements, job fairs, professional organizations and our own professional website.

Candidate Evaluation & Selection

It is up to our skilled staff to perform a critical review of all the resumes and work history reports we receive. Once a strong selection of candidates is determined, we perform our own face-to-face interviews with structured ratings, computerized skills evaluations, personality and abilities assessments and multi-point reference checks. Credit and criminal background checks can be handled by our team upon client request.

Interviews & Offers

During our strict evaluation process, we provide regular communication to your business on which candidates we feel are best suited for the job. We provide electronic resumes and references for you to review and assist in the interview coordination with your team. Once you choose your candidate, our team is available to consult with both parties on compensation negotiation and offer guidance on possible counter offers.

Follow-Up & Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed with Nuclear Recruiters, Inc. Group which is why we continue contact with your business and chosen candidate even after the employee is placed. Should you need any further assistance, you always have direct access to Mr. Donald L. Grove, Sr., our president and founder of The Nuclear Recruiters Process.

Donald L. Grove, Sr.
–President, Nuclear Recruiters, Inc.