Frequently asked questions

Where should I look to see what jobs are available at Nuclear Recruiters, Inc.?
Use the job search tool on the right of this page to view our current vacancies.
Where do I send my CV?
Once you have uploaded your CV and applied for a position it will automatically go to the relevant Resourcing team.
I have just finished school/college and do not have any previous work experience. Can I still apply for a role with Nuclear Recruiters, Inc.?
Yes, we have a number of opportunities throughout the year for entry level positions. You can find these by using the job search on the right of this page.
What happens next in the application process?
Depending on the role you have applied for and if your application is successful, you will be invited to attend an interview (phone interview or in-person). If you are not successful in your application, we will notify you accordingly.
When will I know if I was successful? What’s the timescale involved?
The time taken for reviewing applications will vary depending on the type of role you are applying for. Our aim is always to respond to applications as soon as possible and you will be contacted whether your application was successful or not.
I applied to Nuclear Recruiters, Inc. before and was unsuccessful. Can I reapply?
Yes, although for some roles you may only reapply after six months have passed since your original application. You will have to complete a new application form and re-upload your CV. This will be highlighted in the description of the role.
Why do my applications keep getting rejected?
It is difficult to answer this question without more specific information about your particular application and the role you were interested in. However there are some key questions you can ask yourself when applying for a position:

  • Do you meet all the required experience for the role? Have you demonstrated that experience within your CV or application?
  • Have you highlighted your transferable skills? i.e. If a role requires extensive experience of working in teams, have you highlighted your teamwork experiences to demonstrate this? Remember that non-paid experience can be very valuable as well as part-time work.
  • Have you sufficiently researched the role, department and company and demonstrated this in your application? This can really make or break an application as it demonstrates your level of motivation and commitment for this role and the company.
  • For more advice on completing your application please see our Tips and advice page.

How can I improve my chances of being considered for a job?
In addition to the advice provided in response to the previous question, we stress the importance of tailoring your CV specifically to the role you are applying for. Analyze the information provided within the job advert or job description and show within your CV or application how your skills and experience match up to these. This will make it easy for the person reviewing your CV to see that you have the relevant skills and experience, making you a candidate worth considering for the role. Without these clear signposts, your CV will be immediately eliminated.
A good tip is to ask a friend to read the job description and your CV to provide an objective view.
How often do you update the jobs vacancies on the site?
We update jobs as soon as they are approved, usually on a daily basis.
Who do I contact if I have any questions about an advertised post?
If there is a named contact in the advert you should contact that person. Otherwise if you can contact HR Shared Services at quoting the post reference number. We will direct your query to the appropriate person.
If my application is unsuccessful, will it be kept on record and considered for any similar posts advertised in future?
Yes, your details will be stored on our system for 12 months in line with the Data Protection Act. Should you wish for your details to be removed please contact
Who can I contact for feedback on my application?
Unfortunately, due to the high number of applications we receive, we are unable to provide detailed feedback to candidates who are not successful in reaching the shortlist for a role.
Will I still be considered for the apprenticeship if I don’t have the required number of GCSEs or equivalent qualifications?
No, the qualifications specified for each apprenticeship scheme are the minimum requirements.
Where can I find out more information on apprentice schemes?
All the information you need can be found here.
How will my Equal Opportunities information used?
This information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be used only for statistical monitoring. It is not part of the selection process and will be separated from the application prior to short-listing.
What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
On the login page of the Candidate Zone there is a ‘I forgot my password’ link. When you click on this you will get taken to another screen to input the email address you signed up with. A password reminder is sent to this email address.
Who do I contact if I forget my password or have any technical difficulties using this site?
Please email and we will respond shortly.